Temporary Food Stamps Increase to End Next Month

Millions of Americans will see a drop in their food stamps benefit next month as a temporary increase is set to expire.

Food stamps — actually the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — go to 47 million Americans a month. Almost half of them are children and teenagers.

The federal stimulus pumped $45.2 billion into SNAP starting in 2009. That increased the monthly benefit of $588 a month to $668 for an average household of four. In November, that same family will start getting $632 a month. That’s about a 5 percent cut.

The monthly benefits go to 1 in 7 Americans. The amount they get fluctuates based on factors including food prices, income and inflation.

The program could face another shortfall if the government remains shuttered past Nov. 1.

Source: http://crownheights.info/general/404668/temporary-food-stamps-increase-to-end-next-month/

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