Tel Aviv Light Rail To Continue Construction On Yom Kippur In Bnei Brak

Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. the company responsible for the building of the Tel Aviv light-rail system has notified the city of Bnei Brak that it intends to carry on with construction work, within the city limits of Bnei Brak during Yom Kippur.

According to a report on Channel 10 news, the letter was sent to the Bnei Brak Legal Advisor stating that certain aspects of the construction project would continue in parts of the city during the holiest of days.

Following the arrival of the main digging mechanism at Bnei Brak in order to dig tunnels for the new mass transit system, NTA notified the city’s legal adviser that while digging was not scheduled for the weekend of Yom Kippur, there would be people required to work in order to safeguard the machine from vandalism over the high holy day.

The company did specify that the employees who would carry out the maintenance and security work on the mechanism would not be Jewish employees.

The City COuncil of Bnei Brak responded by saying, “If the NTA is not going to honor its agreements, we will file for a special injunction to prevent this work from being done on Yom Kippur.”

The NTA responded and said, “We are a government organization who abides by Israeli law.”

(YWN Israel Desk – NYC)

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