SPECIAL MOMENT: United Hatzalah Volunteers Perform ‘Chalaka In Meron’ On Child Whom They Saved 2 Years Prior

Volunteers from United Hatzalah had a special event waiting for them as they patrolled the festivities in Meron this Lag BaOmer. A grateful set of parents had asked that the Chalaka of their three-year-old child be partially conducted by the people who were responsible for saving his life two years ago after he had lost consciousness.

Volunteers from the organization who responded to the call within 90 seconds and performed a successful CPR on the boy, were brought in and surprised with the ceremony which took place on Thursday in Meron. Many Jews have the custom to perform a Chalaka (cutting the hair on a three year old boy) in Meron on L’ag Ba’Omer. This family was mindful of the tradition and also mindful of giving thanks to those who helped ensure that their son made it to his third birthday.

At the time, the child who was one year old had lost consciousness and required immediate CPR. Due to the lightning-speed intervention provided by the first responders at the scene, the child survived the experience with no permanent brain damage.

The parents brought the child to United Hatzalah’s volunteer tent in Meron and honored Lazar Hyman, the Deputy CEO of the organization to perform the Chalaka. Accepting the honor together with other volunteers who were at the scene and at Meron, Hyman performed the haircut and was all smiles.

“As a first responder, and as the Deputy CEO of the organization, there is no greater joy for me than to watch as this young boy grows up and knowing it was because of the efforts of myself and other volunteers who responded that day that he is alive. My heart is filled with joy and it is my dream that we have such success in every emergency call that we respond to.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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