Reasons to Apply for a Pardon

Have you made a serious mistake at some point in your past? Did you commit a crime that has caused your name to be entered in the criminal database? If so, there are many people just like you. There is nothing worse than a petty crime you committed when you were young coming back to haunt you when you are applying for a job. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens much more than you might imagine. However, there is a way for people to reclaim their lives and put their petty crime in the past where it belongs. Canada offers its citizens the opportunity to apply for a pardon. This is a way of concealing your criminal history from public record databases. Basically, anyone performing a criminal background check on people who have been pardoned will not be able to see any of their previous criminal offenses. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider seeking a pardon.

1. You will have the chance to be accepted into many outstanding academic institutions.

There are many colleges that perform a background check on all people who apply for admission. This is especially true for people who are attempting to gain entry into graduate degree programs. Private colleges are very selective about the students they accept. Many of these schools do not just take a student’s academic credentials into consideration. They will also check to see if the student has any criminal convictions. As you might expect, a person who has a criminal record will have a hard time getting accepted into a college with a high ranking. This is true even if the person has been a great student in the past. Many colleges take the character of applicants very seriously when they are deciding whether or not to accept them. Receiving a pardon will open up many academic doors for you. The opportunity will exist for you to gain entry into schools that would otherwise reject the application of a convicted criminal.

2. You will have greater job opportunities.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that most employers will not be thrilled about the idea of adding a convicted employee to their payroll. This means that there are a very limited amount of jobs that people with a criminal record can get hired for. There are many companies that have a policy which prohibits the hiring of a person with a criminal record. Therefore, you will have no chance of getting a job with any of these companies unless you receive a pardon. This will officially hide your criminal record from the national database that employers use to perform background checks. You should find out how to apply for a pardon so you can get the job you always dreamed of having.

3. You will have an easier time getting into a serious relationship.

There are many people who are very cautious when they start to date someone seriously. You might meet someone and sparks fly. You date for a while and things become serious. The person you are dating eventually wants to know more about you. He or she performs a criminal background check and finds out about your past. This revelation might destroy the person’s trust in you. However, getting a pardon will keep your past a secret. Therefore, your criminal record will not sabotage your new relationship.

4. Entering into the United States and other countries will no longer be problematic.

Countries are very careful about who they let across their border. Canadian citizens who have criminal records experience more difficulty traveling to different countries. In many cases, they will be denied entry into certain countries. You might also find that your criminal record is preventing you from getting a visa to take a vacation to countries you want to visit. Getting a pardon will make it impossible for foreign immigration authorities to ever find out that you were once convicted of a crime. Therefore, you will not have a problem traveling to the United States or any other country you desire. This will also help if you want to have a job where foreign travel is a requirement.

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