Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Says Those Lucky Enough To See Obama Should Recite Prayer

A prominent Israeli rabbi says that a special prayer should be recited by those lucky enough to see the president in person.

The Blaze (http://bit.ly/11kym43) is reporting that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef created the tribute to Obama out of respect, calling Obama “a modern day king” due to his vast range of powers.

Rabbi Yosef, who is the former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel, told his students it is a ‘mitzvah’ to try to see Obama during his visit, and said that any of them lucky enough to see him should [recite the blessing thanking God] “Gives dignity to flesh and blood.”

Rabbi Yosef quickly pointed out that seeing Obama on television doesn’t count.

Despite her absence, Yosef said the same should apply to the first lady.

Yosef drew criticism back in 2010 over comments he made that God should strike the Palestinian president and other “haters” of Israel with a plague.

Rabbi Yosef also advocated for the release of a Palestinian terrorist who had plotted to assassinate him. 

Source: http://www.crownheights.ch/blog/blog.php?bid=11999

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