Maggid Shiur’s 70th Birthday Celebrated with Old Friends

On Thursday night, old friends, former talimidim and family members gathered together in Empire Shteibel to celebrate the 70th birthday of renowned educator, author and Maggid-Shiur Rabbi Shmuel Heber.

Rabbi Heber, known for his weekly Gemara shiurim as well as for being mechaber a Sefer on Tehilim, gave an hour-long talk on kapitel 71. The crowd sat with amazement, listening to the way Reb Shmuel connected the kapitul with the number 70, as well as to the upcoming Tom tov of purim.

His colleague Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky then delivered a stunning follow up on the subject. Old classmates of his, including the beloved Mashpia Rabbi Shloime Zarchi and Rabbi Nochum Kaplan, farbrenged together until late into the night.

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