Illegal Nationals Smuggled Into Israel Via Ben-Gurion International Airport

This is how according to police, they smuggled foreign nationals into Ben-Gurion Airport into Israel.

A government office worker and an airport employee were arrested on suspicion of smuggling Georgian citizens to Israel via Ben-Gurion Airport – “The subjects were instructed to come dressed in clothes that would appear to be border inspectors, thus helping them circumvent the border control”.

The suspects were arrested at the end of a covert investigation by the Israel Police at Ben-Gurion Airport, an investigation that began in June after immigration inspectors seized several dozen Georgian citizens.

On Shabbos, as noted, an employee of a government ministry employed at the port was arrested, as well as a 28-year-old land steward on suspicion of smuggling foreign nationals to Israel, allegedly with the cooperation of some Georgian officials.

According to the suspicions, the two instructed the subjects to come dressed in clothes that would appear to be border inspectors, and through them the free access granted to them by virtue of their duties helped the subjects bypass the border control and enter Israel.

The police suspect that every citizen smuggled into Israel paid the suspects thousands of dollars.

Shefi Paz, one of the leaders of the struggle to fight infiltrators, said when the case was exposed, we were dealing with ‘Chelm’ as infiltrators were getting off the plane and immediately running for asylum.

Meet the new wave of infiltrators. Get off the plane and run directly to apply for asylum in Chelm. The sting begins in the mother countries, continues at Ben-Gurion Airport and ends with the Interior Ministry’s asylum applications unit. On the way there are smuggling nets that distribute lots of coupons. The Population and Migration Authority is aware of the situation and is working to the best of its ability. But it does not have manpower, and they know it.”

Paz refers to the operation as a ” is a modern slave trade” rushing to the High Court of Justice.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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