Mordechai Aharon Kaufman ben Hanna Tzivia, a 50 year old loving husband and father of two is desperately seeking a kidney.
Adam Leventhal who donated a kidney 5 yrs ago says:
“Among Jews there are in essence no strangers-we are all familiy- and giving life in this miraculous manner remains one of the greatest experiences of my life”
Adam Leventhal is available to prospective donors who are interested learning more about the process and can be reached at
303.523.1450 or at Leventhal.AdamJay@gmail.com
A kidney donor today generally spends only two nights in the hospital and a few weeks thereafter of convalescence,   income for days missing work, travel expenses and medical are all covered.
Dr. Stuart Greenstein, a Jewish transplant surgeon in New York, posts: ” Why did HaShem give us two kidneys? Perhaps it is so you would have an extra one to donate and save a life”
A valuable book for prospective donors is The Kidney Donor’s Journey: 100 Questions I Asked Before Donating My Kidney. By Rabbi Ari Sytner.
Available on Amazon.
If you are blood type O or B and in general good health, please consider being a life saver for Mordechai ( Mark ) by contacting
P: 718.431.9831 EXT. 209
Please pray for Mordechai Aharon ben Chana Tzivia, for a complete and speedy healing among the sick of our people Israel.
Thank you immensely for reading and caring.
The Kaufman family.

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