Four cars set ablaze in Israeli Arab town near Safed in presumed hate crime

Four cars were set ablaze in Akbara, a village near Safed, and "leave our girls alone" and "price tag" was spray-painted on a nearby wall, early on Tuesday. Police believe the event is connected to the arrest of two Safed youths suspected of beating an Akbara youth last week, after he had met a Jewish girl from Safed.

Safed police investigators arrived at the scene to gather evidence. Safed mayor, Ilan Shohat visited the scene and expressed his disgust with the act.

The cars set on fire belong to the Hleihil family, who live at the entrance to the village. According to attorney Jalal Hleihil, whose car was one of those damaged by the fire, the youth who was attacked wasn’t related to his family, and that the only reason that his family’s property was targeted was because it was conveniently located in the entrance to the village. He doesn’t believe his family was specifically targeted, adding that for many years his law firm has been located in central Safed and that he enjoys an excellent relationship with its residents.

Hleihel added that he was never before the target of violent on the part of Safed residents, that the incident was unusual, and that currently there was no tension between Jews and Arabs in Safed.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/haaretz/National/~3/88hdPiM1TRg/story01.htm

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