FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anticipation Builds For Veretzky Rebbe Visit to United States

veretskyChassidim and admirers of the Veretzky Rebbe Shlita are readying themselves for the Rebbes upcoming visit to America.


The Rebbe is a direct decedent of Zidichov, a 10th generation Ainikel of the Baal Shem Tov. The Rebbe is renowned for his genuine warmth, ahavas yisroel ad a poel yeshuous.


Visitors to the Rebbe are taken by the Rebbes overabundance of fatherly love and warmth, deep compassion and extreme concern for each individual.


The Rebbe will never let a visitor leave his presence until he is sure that he has done everything he could on the petitioner’s behalf, devoting tremendous efforts literally as a father to a son or daughter inspiring, guiding and effecting yeshuous.


The Rebbe will be in Boro Park on may 2nd, at the home of Reb Moshe Beilush,
1741 – 56th street, Brooklyn N.Y. and will remain there until May 14th.


For information regarding the Rebbe’s visit please call 347-886-0909


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