First Kosher Burger King in the US?

The first Kosher burger King in North America is planned for the new American Dream Miami mega-mall, COLlive has learned.

By COLlive reporter

The first Kosher burger King in North America is planned for the new American Dream Miami mega-mall in talks to be built in Miami Lakes, Florida, COLlive has learned.

The American Dream Miami indoor theme park, resort and mall is planned for the town of Miami Lakes, a 25 minute drive from Miami Beach, in an unincorporated wedge of northwest Miami-Dade County.

The tourist complex could house an indoor ski slope, water park, movie complex and hotels. The same group, developer Triple Five of the known Ghermezian family, is building an American Dream theme park-mall in New Jersey, and owns the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., and the West Edmonton Mall in Canada.

At a meeting Thursday where Miami commissioners are set to vote on the approval of the project, developer Don Ghermezian announced that he has contracted Burger King for a Kosher branch of the popular fast food joint, as well as his plans for a fully Kosher food court in the mall.

Included in the complex are plans for a beautiful Mikvah and a large Chabad Center serving locals and tourists, directed by Shluchim Mendy and Tzippy Weiss.

The $4 billion retail theme park will be a boon to the region’s economy for bringing an attraction large enough to employ about 15,000 – 25,000 people full-time and offer both an indoor ski slope and a submarine lake, as well as entertainment and hotel facilities.

There are currently 2 Kosher Burger King restaurants in Israel, one in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem.


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