ALERT – Dangerous Storms Sweeping Across New York Area; Tornado Confirmed In Sullivan County

Summery temperatures will give way to a stormy afternoon as potentially severe thunderstorms roll through the region.

The storms will be capable of producing damaging winds, heavy rain, and hail into this evening as they move through the Tri-State area.

A tornado warning has been issued for Orange County until 4:30PM; it comes moments after a confirmed tornado touchdown in nearby Sullivan County.

The tornado was confirmed in Yulan, Sullivan County, near Highland, by a trained spotter at 3:30PM, according to NBC New York.

Thunderstorms will start impacting areas north and west of the city between 3 pm and 5 pm, moving into New York City closer to 6 pm.

Meteorologists have described the imminent storm threat as having the chance to bring the most severe weather the tri-state area has seen so far this spring.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are also in effect until 5 p.m. for much of northern New Jersey, the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County, Connecticut. New York City and the rest of the region are under severe thunderstorm watches throughout the evening.

These storms are bringing damaging wind, heavy rain, and large hail, especially north and west of the city where they will be the strongest.

Flash flooding is even possible in some of the heaviest downpours, potentially disrupting the evening commute.

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